Has life really changed for good? Personal Perspective of the current global Pandemic

Every time I look at the news I hear several words and phrases repeatedly.

Unprecedented, Extraordinary, Social - Distancing,  Shielding..

I am sure these words will work themselves into future dictionaries with reference to the current pandemic.  We all sit around at certain times of the day and imagine how bad it can really get, wonder what will happen to our loved ones, our friends, our neighbours. And what about our jobs, the businesses we have worked on building for years?

The fact is, right now, all we can do is sit tight. Those of us who work from home will keep on working, those heroes who go out each day and risk being infected by Covid-19  will carry on. 

It seems that the world has begun to care just a little bit more about each other. Neighbours are shouting over the fence to each other, and Face-time, Skype, zoom etc has never seen so much cyber traffic. 

But what will the future bring? what about those weddings that have been cancelled, what about those lost individuals who have been laid to rest without due pomp and ceremony, the babies who have come into an hysterical world fraught with danger? 

What I do believe, and I believe this with my very being, is that we will return to normal.. though I think it will be a different normal than what we had. I think more people will value the smaller things. I think more people will value intimacy over extravagance.  

I have already had numerous questions about garden weddings, celebrations of life and baby naming's.  You see this is the silver lining.  Celebrants will bring beauty and worth to a ceremony wherever it is held. And in uncertain times where even royalty has been faced with wedding cancellations, a small beautiful ceremony can bring reassurance.  

Never believe a small celebration is somehow less than a £20,000 wedding, in fact the only weddings that have been going ahead right now are those that been paired down to the couple, the celebrant , and possibly witnesses as long as they are socially distanced. Those weddings, in a moment of diversity and uncertainty have brought joy,  and pleasure to the couples. Oh, and no big debt to pay off afterwards!

It's definitely worth a thought...

Small Wedding maybe needs a new definition.... It should no longer be seen as less, but maybe more. Not inferior, but superior, not lonely but enriched and intimate.

To everyone who is looking forward to a wedding or other ceremony in the near future - May I send all my best wishes                                                                                                                                                                                Elizabeth - Anne