Leap Year Proposals

As the time draws near for a Leap Year Proposal, One would think that in the year 2020, that equality when proposing would be pretty much 50:50... But just a few short years ago, The Knot found that only 1%,  yep just one percent of proposals were made by the woman...

So why is this? Maybe it's a mix of tradition and romance, one area where women still want to be surprised... I don't know...  I am sure though that these numbers will start to increase, just as the acceptance of gender non conformist roles are increasing.

However tradition dictates that the one day it has been more than acceptable, even encouraged  for a woman to pop the question, is on the 29th February, which of course only happens once every four years within a leap year.

The exact history about this is unknown but is thought to be derived from 5th Century Ireland when St Bridget, expressed concerns with St Patrick  bout frustrated women waiting to long, for marriage proposals. legend has it that he gave over the 29th February as the day that women could pop the question. There is some ambiguity about this as the two individuals differed in age. With Brigid's birth being c 450 AD  With Patrick dying in 461AD. SO this must have happened in the years before her 11th Birthday. 

The first documented leap year law was back in Scotland in 1288 which declared a woman could propose to a man on the 29th February, once every four years, and should he decline, he would be fined!  Fines could apparently range from  a kiss, to new gloves or even a dress.

However whatever the history of this tradition, it has endured and this month will host that special day once again where females will be pop the question. 

I for one am excited for all the couples who will decide to spend their lives together this month, whatever date it happens on and who ever does the proposing to who. 

Every couple has  special story which can be Incorporated into a celebrant led wedding, making it the perfect start to a long and happy life together.