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Today I would like to talk about Baby Naming Ceremonies. It's April 2020, and in the midst of so much fear, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we sometimes have to look deeply for the joy in life.

One thing that always brings hope, is new life.  Babies continue to be born, and each baby that takes their first breath is  a sure sign that life not only goes on, but that life is truly beautiful.

I also realised something else, something that came from a dark place.  Presently, people are losing their lives, so many people. And whilst I see every loss as devastating, as a nurse, the loss of my colleagues is one I feel painfully, especially when those same colleagues, have young families.

 There but for the Grace of God etc..."

And this is why, we need people around us, this is why, when we have children, we need to surround them with love and light. Not just from a parental perspective, but  never ever has it been more  important to build a community around children.  To wrap them in a safety net that consists of family and friends. Individuals who are there not just to lend a hand, and offer baby sitting services, but also to step in should the worst possible things happen. 

"It truly does Take a Village to raise a child"

And this is why naming ceremonies are so very important for those who have not religiously inclined or have not chosen to commit to a Baptism or Christening.

You see a Naming Ceremony, is not just about declaring your child's name (though that is hugely important). A naming ceremony is about publicly inviting your dearest friends or family members to stand by your child's side as life Guardians. To help you to educate them, to listen to them, to protect them, and if the worst thing was to happen, to take on the parental role and carry on raising your child. 

Does that sound a bit gloomy? Maybe so, everything at present is tinged with a little sadness, nut in reality Naming ceremonies are beautiful, joyous ceremonies.  A time for you as a parent(s) to take centre stage with your child, to claim the bragging rights for the creation of perfection.

I would like to share with you a lovely Poem if I may... It makes me smile :)

Sweetest Moments


If I could go back to a time for a while,
It would be to the moment I first saw you smile,
To the time when you tottered that first wobbly walk,
To the moment your babble turned into talk.
I would lie down and hold you after your bath,
I would tickle your toes and cherish your laugh.
The look in your eyes when you suddenly knew
The face in the mirror was sweet little you,
That giggle you gave with a look of alarm,
As you realized your hand was attached to your arm.
The times when you cried as you'd woken at night.
I held you and rocked you, then tucked you in tight,
The moments you showed you were caring and kind,
So proud and so strong your beautiful mind.
These moments were riches beyond all else.
You won over my soul, my all, my self.
You grow each day, and I watch with such joy,
My wonderful, kind, and sweet little boy.

Baby naming ceremonies truly give hope, they give security and they are also a wonderful way of showing of your new bundle of joy. Of course naming ceremonies are also perfect for the introduction of an adopted child into the family, and be adapted for a foster child too.

If you would like to learn a little more about naming ceremonies, take a look HERE, or CONTACT ME for a no obligation chat.