New Years Eve Wedding | UK Celebrant| Unique Wedding Ceremony

I was so excited to hear about a wonderful wedding today.

One of my relatives best friends got married on New Years Eve, and it was a surprise to ALL the guests! Only the bridal party and close family were in the know.

Basically the couple had been engaged for a number of years but never had an engagement party. They decided to use this as a cover for their surprise wedding.

They sent out invites to a private function of a beautiful hotel under the guise of an engagement party. The ladies were asked to wear black cocktail dresses and the men were asked to wear black suits.

The day was meticulously planned and everyone turned up  - which is sometimes a feat of persuasion.

The ballroom had been decorated as a winter wonderland,  and on the stroke of 9 pm The toastmaster  interrupted the celebrations to announce that the real reason that everyone was there, was for the wedding. A white organza room divider was pulled down which revealed a beautifully staged seating area and pagoda. 

Everyone was asked to be seated and the wedding celebrant explained what was about to happen.

The ceremony apparently went off without a hitch. The grooms were both suited, one in dark burgundy and the other in the darkest green, apparently they looked stunning, as did the attendants who wore the only coloured dresses in the room!

How beautiful would this be?

This is the beauty of a celebrant led wedding, it can happen any where at any time! Whilst this beautiful couples wedding was earlier in the evening,  Just imagine your celebrant announcing you as wedded on the stroke of midnight!

I am more than happy to facilitate  New Years Eve weddings, however these days book quickly. Drop me a line if you might be interested in the special New Years Eve package.