The most important part of a Wedding

So, I got to thinking after chatting with a colleague today, about what is the most important part of a wedding or Vow renewal ceremony?

The conversation came about when we were chatting about how couples plan their day and in particular the budgeting of each aspect of their day.

The dresses/ suits?

The venue? 

The Reception?

The flowers?

The cake?

The photographer / Videographer?

All of these elements have a part to play

But what about the actual ceremony? Without a story there is no need for the illustrations.  The celebrant will work with you to put together the most beautiful and evocative ceremony that you and your partner will remember forever. 

It will be central to the whole day. Once you have got the ceremony pinned down, you can then layer on the dressing which is all the other elements which will make up your day. Each item can be so expensive. Dresses can run into thousands, and even a chocolate fountain can cost hundreds and hundreds of pounds. Make sure when you are planning your day and your budget, that you put YOURSELVES first. 

The items that will please you and your partner should be right at the top of the list, the items that will please your guests should always come second. Don't forget, without a solid bespoke ceremony written by your celebrant, everything else is just window dressing. If you need to barter on cost, make sure you are doing so on the things no one will notice. 

A beautiful ceremony will  stay in your hearts forever, the catering will stay on your waistline for just a few weeks.