When it seems that life is falling apart...

Planning a celebration can be years in the making, and for some people a wedding can be a lifelong goal.

Little girls sometimes plan their whole wedding with their teddies and dolls. it is a dream day and rightly so...

It is with such a heavy heart  that I watch as the whole world seems to be changing in front of our eyes.

So, where does this leave people with their wedding plans?

Without a doubt, the financial impact of this will be huge,  their will be cancellations. I wouldn't presume to advise here, that is done between you and your insurance policies and the vendors you have booked with. Everyone is in the same boat.

But what I would like to say, is that things will get better.

It sounds so easy to say doesn't it?

But you and your partner's first priority is to stay well, to keep as fit as possible and to fight this terrible virus should you catch it. This is something we all need to do. The scientists are working globally around the clock to get vaccinations developed, we just need to wait it out.

Until then. remember those around you, your loved ones... Hold your loved ones dear, but don't stop making plans or having dreams. Maybe your dream celebration will now be in two years instead of two months, but you will have your day.

As I type this, I am myself in isolation. 4 years ago after years and year of illness I was given the gift of life in the form of an organ transplant. But the very drugs that keep me alive, also make me so vulnerable to this virus. I look at my family, my children scattered across the country,  and I realise how lucky I am. How lucky we all are. regardless of hardship, each morning the sun rises and we breathe. 

Things are bound to get worse before they get better, but don't give up.

Be strong. Move plans but don't cancel them...

Make new plans and walk in that direction. Enjoy the company of your loved ones, play games, take walks where it is quiet, away from the crowds and just enjoy each others company.  Binge watch movies if you are quarantined and try not to worry. The world will keep on turning and this virus will be beaten like others before it. Use the opportunity to learn something new, learn to cook,  to knit, start to learn a new language. 

Make new memories so that when this is over, you come out stronger...

When you book a Ceremony with Elizabeth-Anne you have the reassurance that as we do not know the future, any changes of date needed due to future Covid-19 Lock down rules, will take place free of charge to a mutually convenient date.

Good luck everyone, take this seriously and take care. 

Elizabeth - Anne