Celebration of life ceremony - From £299

If you have any further queries don't hesitate to call or email me here.

Celebration of Life ceremonies celebrate the lives of those who have died. This ceremony is not a funeral and often takes place some months or longer after we lose a loved one. When a person dies, we are often in shock and the funeral becomes a necessity that we often don't even remember. 

The celebration of life can truly celebrate your loved one as an individual. Cementing those memories as we move on in life without them. As human beings,  everything we do creates memories, and after loss these memories remain real and need to be acknowledged and celebrated.

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate the life of a loved one, the occasions are usually very joyous, can take place anywhere including your home, a pub or outdoors. We can mix prayer or bible readings with pop songs, or have a totally secular ceremony. It is your loved ones story to tell,  and I will write and deliver the perfect celebration of life ceremony..

 Elizabeth-Anne,  also understood that pets can be very much a part of the family. A beloved pet can often be an individuals constant companion and the loss of such can be profound. We can therefore also celebrate the lives of our beloved four legged friends.

Please note where your family member became an organ donor, and where you wish to celebrate this in your celebration of life, Elizabeth-Anne will offer a 15% discount on the main ceremony fee.. This is my personal thanks to you a donor family, on behalf of myself and all other organ donor recipients.

Free of charge

  • An Initial meeting of up to an hour. Face to face or by zoom / Skype depending on distance and preference. 
  •  Following this meeting, I will hold your potential date for five working days. I do not charge a holding fee in this time.

The price is inclusive of all the services listed.

  •  Email and telephone support, to help ease any worries you may have during the planning process.
  •  Creation of a Bespoke ceremony, with a much or little input as you wish.
  •  A rehearsal if you require this. If you are outside of my travel area, this will be the night before with accommodation charged as below.
  •  The delivery of your ceremony for your big day.
  •  Up to three hours of my time on your day, if you need more time then we can negotiate this.
  • A ceremonial copy of your ceremony in a presentation box. (Additional copies can be bought for family)
  •  Travel is included up to 30 miles from NP10.

Optional extras

  •  All extra unity ceremonies are charged at £50 each (Supplies for ceremonies can be supplied by us if required, and will be charged at cost.)
  •  A beautiful ceremonial certificate (which can be signed as part of the ceremony) £20
  • Travel costs Over 30 miles distance from NP10 is calculated at £0.40 per mile.
  •  Accommodation costs for any ceremony before 9:30 am or after 6 pm or any ceremonies, if a rehearsal is required the day before the ceremony, or any ceremonies over 100 miles from NP10.

Once you have decided on your date and time, a 50% deposit will be required to secure your booking. This is held for 14 days after which your booking is confirmed and work will commence. See terms and conditions for cancellation policy.

Covid Amendment 2020

Due to the unpredictability of the Corona Virus and its impact on ceremonies now and in the future. Elizabeth-Anne will offer a FREE TRANSFER OF DATES  to a mutually convenient date if an official lock down prevents your ceremony from taking place. All current or future social distancing or other rules will be strictly adhered to. These changes may come into force at short notice but we will keep in touch with any advice.

If you have any further queries don't hesitate to call or email me here.