Celebration of life ceremony - From £299

 The Celebration of Life ceremony I write and conduct is not a funeral and  often take place sometime after a person has died. 

When a loved one dies, we are naturally consumed by grief, and funerals, whilst an important part of grieving for us, as they occur soon after death, often pass by in a haze of pain.

 Over the following months or even years after the loss of a loved one, we can begin to talk fondly about them. This is a wonderful time to celebrate their life, honour them and remember them as the wonderful people they were.

Just because your loved one is no longer with us,  it doesn't mean that your love and respect disappears.  These ceremonies can take place anywhere.  Maybe your loved one had a favourite place? A favourite Hobby? We can incorporate anything into a ceremony which can aid in the healing process for those of us left behind. Across the world and over the centuries, cultures have celebrated their loved one's life as a way of honouring them,  This is what a celebration of life does.

If you or your lost loved one made the courageous decision to donate organs following their death to give an ill person the chance of life, we offer a personal discount on these ceremonies.  This is my personal thank you to those families, as I am an organ recipient myself,  it is a small way of me saying thank you.

If you would like to read a little more about celebration of life ceremonies from a personal perspective, please read my blog post here.

If you would like to discuss your beautiful ceremony ideas please email at ea.jenkins@uksoc.com, and we will arrange a time for me to call.