Naming Ceremonies - From £299

Naming Ceremonies- Are not just for brand new babies. Parents will often use baby naming services to introduce a child into a newly blended family (step children ). It is also a charming way to introduce adopted and long term foster children into a family. And of course for those who are not religious but want a christening like service to introduce their new child to the world, these celebrations are perfect.

Little girl dressed as a fairy, in a garden.

Like all other ceremonies, Naming Ceremonies can take place anywhere, a garden, the park,  community hall,  hotel or anywhere else that you desire. Families often choose their garden for this special event. You can have some religious content if you like, one doesn't need a church to say a prayer, I am very comfortable in leading prayer, or can ask a friend or family member to do this.  We can add in unity  ceremonies or create a ceremony unlike you have ever considered. It's a wonderful start to the life of a person who is joining a family and a wonderful way to help your family and friends to feel part of your child's life.

Woman holding her sleeping newborn baby

What's in a naming ceremony?

  • The ceremony often starts with a big welcome to you the new family.
  • I tell your story, the story of your family and how your baby came into the world (not graphic details - don''t worry).
  • I have a lovely collection of poems and readings that are child friendly and some of them are really funny.
  • My families often choose a unity ceremony such as a sand blending ceremony, or a thumb print tree. There are lot's of additions that can include some or all of your guests.
  • we can have music, you can have someone play an instrument or sing. Anything goes at a naming ceremony. They are full of fun and vitality!
  • I don't often use the term God parents unless that is your preference, but parents choose friends or family to help them guide and nurture their child. These can be called guardians, or life guides. I write fun and bespoke promises, and I also have sets of promises for grandparents and friends and family. I really believe in the power of community where child rearing is concerned. 
  • At the end we talk about the symbolism behind the name you have chosen. Before formally introducing you precious bundle to family and friends! 

Naming ceremonies are simply lovely. I can't say much more than that!

Naming Ceremonies start at £299, and you can add unity ceremonies to this package.

If you wish to add another child from the same family to a unity ceremony, there is an additional cost of £100. If you wish to add a naming ceremony to a wedding ceremony, the additional cost is £200

If you would like to discuss your beautiful ceremony ideas please email at, and we will arrange a time for me to call.