Transition / New Start Ceremonies - From £299

Transition Ceremonies - Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes we want to leave an old stage of life behind and start afresh. There are so many reasons for this, some are gender transition, retirement, divorce, a milestone birthday, or anything that you want to celebrate.  These ceremonies are all about positiveness, looking forward to the future and leaving any old pain behind. 

You can have an intimate ceremony with a partner, or a  group of friends. Ceremonies can take place in your home or in any intimate setting, or you can go big and bold. 

As with all ceremonies, it has to reflect you. This is about celebrating your story in a meaningful way. If you have chosen to celebrate, then we will make it heartfelt and memorable.

For gender transition ceremonies, I am happy to incorporate this with a naming ceremony. No need for both, we will make it one glorious celebration.

Transition Ceremony £299

Transition ceremony plus Naming ceremony for the same individual the price is £350

If you are part of a group of individuals who wish to celebrate your transitions together, there is a charge if £299 for the first individual, and £200 thereafter to a maximum of four people.

 If you would like to discuss your beautiful ceremony ideas please email at, and we will arrange a time for me to call.