New Mother to Be Nurturing Ceremony

This is all about the mum to be!

What this is not!

Baby showers make sense! Babies are expensive, and for a new time mum, the costs can escalate and soon mount up. If people will buy gifts for the unborn child, why not encompass this into a shower?

But what about mum? Whether a first-timer or have had several other children, the pregnancy journey can be a highly anxious time and is the one time in a woman's life where she needs to be surrounded by other women. 

So, whilst a baby shower is great for those who want to welcome their baby and allow the baby to be gifted, this, is all about those who want to celebrate the power of the pregnant mum to be. 

This is not a baby shower, the baby will be spoiled when the time is right, this is not about bringing gifts for the baby, this is about supporting the mum to be, empowering her and supporting her ready for her tasks ahead. 


A Unique, Bespoke & Treasured Celebration

You may have heard of a blessingway ceremony, a ceremony rich in traditional Navajo culture, where the mother to be is cherished and honoured. But as with many ceremonies, there is scope to use elements to suit those of us who are desperate to step aside from some of the commercialism surrounding birth and look at what is important. The mother! And this ceremony takes some historical and cultural elements and allows them to work in a modern world.

"Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had... and dealing with fears you didn't know existed.

 Linda Wootten

What, Why & How

The nurturing ceremony keeps the mum up front and centre, these ceremonies can be arranged by her mum, sister, best friend or even the dad who wants to honour the powerful woman who is carrying his child.

The idea is that those invited bring the power of their 'female warrior' and the power of their mum, and grandmas into this beautiful and powerfully symbolic ceremony.  

The ceremony is built around a number of tasks that can be as spiritual or as down to earth as you please, but the female power is with you regardless. 

The ceremony takes a morning or afternoon usually 2-3 hours. But the celebrant will step away towards the end for your party to enjoy the last of your day without any intrusion. 

Package details

From £300 (fees information)

Your Mother to be Nurturing Ceremony package is inclusive of all below

Telephone Meeting

To discuss your ceremony and know a bit more about yourself, and about how you would like to celebrate this beautiful time. 


A comprehensive contract and booking information including a timetable to show you exactly what to expect and when.

Unity Ceremonies

Your day is made up of a number of ceremonies adapted especially for you.  Once you have booked, you will be able to choose from a number of elements that suit your nature and wishes for this occasion. 

Your Final Choices

I will contact you to ask you to choose and finalise your choices for readings, music and other elements that will make your ceremony lively & fun for all involved.

Ceremony Script

Although a format is adhered to, this is in a softer and more holistic way than the script used for other ceremonies,  as your celebrant guides you through the ceremony. 

Your Nurturing Ceremony Basket

The ceremony includes a beautifully wrapped basket containing a selection of your choice of natural products for the rituals in your day and one or two treats for you to pamper yourself following your child's birth. 

Ceremony Guide

I will walk side by side with you and your guests on your special day. 

Keepsake Ceremony Presentation

As there is no written script, there is no written ceremony keepsake, however, everything used within the ceremony, including a list of music, readings and poems are provided within the gift basket which is yours to keep forever. 

What if I am not spiritual?

So you worry that you may not be spiritual enough for this kind of ceremony? 
Please let me put your mind at rest, Although I no longer practice as a midwife, I have delivered hundreds of babies.  There is one overwhelming theme that connects each and everyone, and that is the energy and the love, and yes... the spiritualism that is found at the birth of a baby. 

I have had four beautiful babies, two as natural as the dawn and two others as emergency births.  But once again, the emotion, during those last few weeks of pregnancy and during labour in all four is the one thing I remember and hold dear. 

We lead busy, hectic lives, but at this time, when you are closest than you will ever be to another individual, it's ok to let the heart rule for a while. It is ok to sit and to relax and to feel... It's ok to take the strength from your closest women friends and hold it dear to your heart, to store that gift and to utilise it when the time for the hard work of birth comes around. 

Don't mix up religion and spiritualism (not that anything is wrong with the former)  but anyone, who has sat and watched a sunset, enjoyed the feel of wet grass or sand beneath their feet, enjoyed the sun on their face on the first spring day after a hard winter, have been at one with nature and will get a huge benefit from this ceremony. 

If you feel that this is a ceremony, you would like but would prefer a friend to guide you, then I can supply you with everything you need, (apart from your guests and food) for your special day.  Just email me and ask. 


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Fees Information

Research & Script Writing

All my Ceremonies require approximately 20+ hrs to research and write. Scripts for Unity Ceremonies are all written from scratch to fit in with your theme and take  further 1-2 hrs including research.

Instruction & Guidance

All of my ceremonies include a copy of the ceremony and 'stage direction' for your wedding planner, videographer  and photographer if using them, so they know the running order of the ceremony.

Free Of Charge

Our initial meeting of up to an hour is free of charge. We can meet face to face or by zoom/Skype depending on distance and preferences. Following this meeting, I will hold your potential date for five working days without a holding fee.

If you wish to add another child from the same family to a Unity Ceremony, there is an additional cost of £100.
If you wish to add a Naming Ceremony to a Wedding Ceremony, the additional cost is £200.

Please see Terms & Conditions for all other necessary information, or contact me directly.