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Frequently Asked Questions

All the answers you seek!

How long can the Ceremony be?

There is no set time for a ceremony. This is the beauty of a celebrant-led ceremony.  There are average times for a ceremony, which are dependent on the type of ceremony and the unity ceremonies chosen if any, Elopement ceremonies are usually around the 15-20 minute mark whereas other ceremonies are usually around 30minutes.

What if it runs over time?

Elizabeth -Anne only ever books one ceremony per day. This allows for elements that run over or gives extra time if there is a delay in the start. 

You will have to consider your other wedding suppliers, but with me, it's all good!

We want to bring our pet and incorporate them into the ceremony, is this possible ?

Many couples incorporate pets into their ceremony. Especially dogs. I would strongly advise you either employ a wedding dog sitter who will take care of your four-legged friend during the wedding, or have someone who is solely responsible for them. As for the ceremony, let's just have fun. Animals never do what you expect, but as long as that won't spoil your day, we will roll with it!

What happens if we change the day when we have booked? Can we just let you know?

If you change your day for whatever reason, you need to let me know as soon as possible. Many dates are pre-booked for months if not years in advance.  I will always try and work with you and rebook your new date, or I can recommend a new celebrant if that doesn't work.  Please check terms and conditions for cancellation fee's as u less it is a strict emergency, few celebrants will be happy to use another celebrants script and will often charge their own full fee.

Is this the same as a humanist ceremony?

Simply speaking? No! The humanist belief system whilst a none religious organization has strict guidelines about what their celebrants can and cannot do at your ceremony. Only an independent celebrant can give you full choice. Whether you want a piece of music or poem that has some religious connection, that is fine with me, I am also happy to lead a prayer. On the other side, I am happy to lead a completely secular ceremony. It is all about couples choice!

Can you help with poems, readings and vows?


I can write your vows alongside you or can give you hints and tips.

I have even read the vows for a shy bride. Remember this is your ceremony, if you need help and I can give it within the remit of a celebrant, then just ask.