Handfasting Ceremony

A symbolic ceremony coming through the centuries.

Handfasting is a ritual of pagan origins akin to a betrothal or engagement.

There are also stories that suggest that handfasting represented a trial marriage of one year, and others that suggest it was used until the marriage was consummated or a child was conceived.
In recent times the Handfasting Ceremony has become a Unity Ceremony within the larger wedding or commitment ceremony. 

If you practice a faith, a way of life f have a belief system that uses handfasting at its core. I urge you to look for a priest or priestess to lead your ceremony, but if you are looking for a celebrant who has been trained in handfasting or hand-tying and can create a bespoke ceremony in which you can tie the knot, you are in the right place. 


The ties which bind the hands of the couple are traditionally rope but can be ribbons complementing the wedding's colour scheme. Many couples also have custom handfasting cords created to suit their hobbies or lifestyle. Ties can be natural grasses with flowers, leather, or vegan materials.
Handfasting represents two becoming one, tied together in unity. The cords are knotted which is symbolic of the relationship as they are entwined and become one. The knot symbolises the strength and security of the relationship. But once again, remember, this is your day and this is your opportunity to create your own ceremony, so if you would like to change things slightly, just ask!

Whilst the ties are being tied, either by myself as a celebrant or by a friend or family member, meaningful words are spoken to confirm the joining.
The ceremony is most often used between the couple, but can also be used as a fun way to bind a family together. A handfasting can also be the central focus of your wedding ceremony.
Handfasting ceremonies often encompass some Pagan, Wicca and/or Fae symbolism and readings, I am not pagan though I practice some Wicca rituals, I am comfortable working with aspects from many beliefs and will follow your lead.


Ask me for details if you would like to know more!


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