Questions ?

Questions ?

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  • Doesn't it work out more expensive to have to get married twice?

This is a biggy, and the answer is actually - NO. It doesn't have to. A basic signing of a legal marriage contract at a registry office will cost approx £50. If this is all you want then you won't get cheaper. 

Any other ceremony will cost more,  in any legal ceremony the fee will always be payable, it is just sometimes hidden. 

A registrar present at a licensed venue will cost more, and yet you still only have the basic civil ceremony with the same contractual words. 

Some registry offices now offer a more 'relaxed' ceremony. At my local registry office in Newport Wales, these cost over £400 and you still have  a civil ceremony where the registrar is a civil servant and a stranger to you the couple.

 Whilst you might be able to add a poem or two, the vows in a civil service are  are the contractual words the law requires, this is set in stone. 

 There is still no spiritual or religious input (or anything deemed to be). To have a ceremony at a licensed wedding venue, You will still be paying the registrar fee, built into the cost of the wedding.

 With a Celebrant. Yes you have to  sign the documents which legalise your wedding, and yes you pay for my services, but if all you wanted was a beautiful ceremony and someone taking snap shots, before going down the pub for a meal, you have spent much much less, and have gained much much more.

  • Is it a real wedding? Yes, absolutely. 

It is not legal until you legalise it with a registrar  (which some couples choose never to do) but the ceremony is about standing in front of your nearest and dearest and proclaiming your commitment to your life partner. That has to be the most real thing about such celebrations.             

When a child is born, it is a legal requirement to visit the registry office to legalise their birth, but you don't have a celebration there. When a  person dies, we need to register the death of our loved one, but again we don't have a memorial in the office. 

It is with wonder then that we choose to visit the registry office and combine the signing of legal documents with the celebration of such an important occasion. 

  • Can we really do anything?

More or less, yes! If you plan to get married outside then you need the landowners permission. I can advise you about this. If you want to get married whilst scuba diving, then yes you can, though I would ask a fellow celebrant to help you with this one! As long as you can arrange a place and other services if you require them, then you can even marry at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve.

  • Can you use my services in another country?

Yes, I can travel, but my fees would reflect travel and accommodation costs. So many individuals get married on sunny beaches in beautiful locations. Even on cruises! it is a beautiful way to celebrate.

  • How far do you travel?

I travel anywhere within reason. I can easily arrange celebrations anywhere within the UK and Europe. I can also travel with you further afield unless it is a last minute wedding. For oversees weddings I require at least six months notice.

  • Do I cater for last minute ceremonies?

As celebrants we often have bookings 12+ months ahead. If however I am free, then we can work with the time we have  and still come up with a beautiful ceremony. 

  • How much do my services cost?

You can find a full break down of my costs and any surcharges on the fees page. If there is anything not listed, for something extra, I am upfront and will tell you immediately on enquiry to allow you to budget.

Please feel free to Contact me if you would like further information.