Naming Ceremony

Let's Plan Your Celebration Together!

A Celebration For Every Child

Naming Ceremonies are not just for brand new babies. Parents will often use baby naming services to introduce a child into a newly blended family (step children for example).
It is also a charming way to introduce adopted and long term foster children into a family. And of course for those who are not religious but want a christening like service to introduce their new child to the world, these celebrations are perfect.


A Unique & Bespoke Celebration

Like all other ceremonies, Naming Ceremonies can take place anywhere, a garden, the park, a community hall, a hotel or anywhere else that you desire. Families often choose their garden for this special event.
You can have religious content if you like, one doesn't need a church to say a prayer. I am very comfortable in leading prayers, or you can ask a friend or family member to do this. We can add in Unity Ceremonies or create a ceremony unlike you have ever considered.
It's a wonderful start to the life of a person who is joining a family and a wonderful way to help your family and friends to feel part of your child's life.

Baby Naming Bliss

Dear Elizabeth-Anne, we wanted to say a huge thank you for agreeing to the naming for Ben at such short notice. The way you managed to make such a tiny group of us feel like there was more of us, and the way you had us stand so we could adhere to the distance rules whilst allowing us all still to feel like we were together was awesome. We felt the love all around Ben and having Nanna on the phone and Bampa on skype was just the cherry on the cake. The impromptu applause from the neighbours at their bedroom window was lovely and made us feel part of our new neighbourhood. We want to wait till all this virus shenanigans is over before we set the wedding date, but we can’t wait to discuss an outdoor wedding ceremony. It couldn’t be anything else now!


Naming Ceremony

Package details

From £300 (fees information

Fees have remained the same since 2020,  Fees for 2023 will be £325, for those who have already booked for 2023, the fees will remain the same. 

My Naming Ceremony package is inclusive of all below

Telephone Meeting

To discuss your ceremony and know a bit more about yourself, your child and your family so the Naming Ceremony is entirely tailored to your needs.


A comprehensive contract and booking information including a timetable to show you exactly what to expect and when.

Unity Ceremonies

Families often choose a
Unity Ceremony for an even more personal and unique little touch. There are lot's of additions that can include your guests and add fun to your celebration!

Your Final Choices

I will contact you to ask you to choose and finalise your choices for readings, music and other elements that will make your ceremony lively & fun for all involved.

Ceremony Script

A beautifully written ceremony script that is created from scratch. Your ceremony represents your child and your family, and the journey that has brought you to your special day.

Ceremony Run Through

A verbal run through of your ceremony over the phone, 6 weeks before your ceremony. If you wish to meet for a run through, this is of course possible at an extra cost. The price will be dependant on your location.

Ceremony Presentation

The beautiful presentation of your ceremony by myself on your big day.
(see below for a step-by-step example)

Keepsake Ceremony Presentation

I will ensure that you have a copy of your ceremony, this will be sent to you in PDF format via email after the ceremony. I no longer issue a paper copy after a number of couples have said they would prefer the none paper route. 

Image by Kelley Bozarth

Your Ceremony Step-By-Step


The ceremony often starts with a big welcome to the new family.

Story Time

I will tell your story, the story of your family and how your child came into the world.

Readings, Music & Unity Ceremonies

You can choose to introduce your child to the world via readings, music and/or a Unity Ceremony.
I have a lovely and child friendly collection of poems and readings. You can add music of your choosing or have someone play an instrument or sing.
Families often choose a unity ceremony such as a Sand Ceremony, or a thumb print Wish Tree. There are lot's of additions that can also include your guests.

Guardians/Life Guides & Promises

I don't often use the term God parents unless that is your preference, but parents often choose friends or family to help them guide and nurture their child. These can be called Guardians, or Life Guides.
To introduce child and guardians/guides, I write fun and bespoke promises. I really believe in the power of community where child rearing is concerned. 

Name & Introductions

Finally we will talk about the symbolism behind the name you have chosen, before formally introducing you precious bundle to family and friends!

Ready to take
the next step?

I would love to chat to you more about how I can bring your dreams to reality.
Please contact me so we can arrange a convenient time to chat.
(Even if it's over a virtual cuppa!)

Fees Information

Research & Script Writing

All my Ceremonies require approximately 20+ hrs to research and write. Scripts for Unity Ceremonies are all written from scratch to fit in with your theme and take  further 1-2 hrs including research.

Instruction & Guidance

All of my ceremonies include a copy of the ceremony and 'stage direction' for your wedding planner, videographer  and photographer if using them, so they know the running order of the ceremony.

Free Of Charge

Our initial meeting of up to an hour is free of charge. We can meet face to face or by zoom/Skype depending on distance and preferences. Following this meeting, I will hold your potential date for five working days without a holding fee.

If you wish to add another child from the same family to a Unity Ceremony, there is an additional cost of £100.
If you wish to add a Naming Ceremony to a Wedding Ceremony, the additional cost is £200.

Please see Terms & Conditions for all other necessary information, or contact me directly.