Are we feeling the squeeze?

A number of individuals and couples I have spoken to lately about their upcoming ceremonies are increasingly worried about the impact of Brexit.

I don't want to get political here, we have lived and breathed it for years and it now seems a foregone conclusion. So, how can we make the gloom into something a lot more appealing?

There are two topics that come up in my chats;

  • A general feeling of being squeezed financially. We seem to be more worried than ever about savings, and paying our bills.

  • The desire for a European destination wedding that now seems fraught with difficulty.

The way I see the situation is this, your special day will be remembered forever, but this does NOT mean that it needs to cost the earth ... and more.

If you have always wanted to get married on a Spanish Beach and that is so important to you, then go for it. It may take longer to save, it may be a headache sorting the bureaucracy (no one yet knows what the impact will be regarding passports etc), but where there is a will there is a way.

What I would say however is that sometimes we get stuck in our dreams. We can move through life, everything changing but we refuse to allow our dreams to evolve. Early in you plans, it is a great opportunity to sit down together and work out what is really important.

For example, I was chatting to a lady recently who had always wanted the fairy tale wedding. Nothing would have been too big or lavish enough for her. These dreams she told me had just always been a part of her. Interestingly The person she has settled down with has totally different values. But not only that, but as a couple both of their values have changed. Now the wedding day looks very different than either of them ever envisioned. If they hadn't sat down and analysed what they really wanted, a heart and head decision, who knows what they would have ended up with. Now they are looking forward to the wedding of their mutual dreams. They tell me it was a big eye opener to both of them.

So when I speak to people, especially early on, I always tell them to write their five most important aspects of their ceremony. Then discuss it before they see me. This is a sure fire way to get the ceremony that is unique to you.

About Brexit, may it still impact you? Yes it might, but maybe with some creativity you can have better than you envisioned when you were a child looking into the distance, and not be worrying about paying for your wedding for the next five years.

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