So you are queer? Yeah me too!

One of the things, I often find about being queer is that everything suddenly becomes a headache.

Why on earth should our sexuality and or gender get in the way of any celebration we wish to hold? But it still does, over and over.

I read yesterday about a New Zealand couple whose booking has been refused because the companies owners don't do gay weddings?? Huh? What? Really? In 2020??? Well, actually, don't know why I am shocked as its not the first and wont be the last.

We can't change the world, we can't force anyone to accept us if they are built that way. It does make me a little sad however...

I do admit though I do dream about that perfect life! You know the one where no one cares!

So amongst my website, I haven't broadcast the big pride flag to attract my fellow folk to my ceremonies. I hope that every person who comes to me, every couple or individual, whatever gender or sexuality gets the ceremony they desire.

I don't want you to come to me because I wear the same coat, but because I just might understand that your sexuality, your gender, or in fact your age, size or religion is only important in that it is part of you.

If you feel that I can do your story justice, can add to the memory of your beautiful day, whatever that celebration is... Then I am proud to walk with you for a while.

And if you decide to stroll on by and visit a colleague who is a better fit, then I still wish you every ounce of good wishes for your day.

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