The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

When you choose an independent celebrant, quite simply you choose choice.. Let me explain, with a celebrant you have the choice of following your heart, family tradition, or anything you have imagined having part of your ceremony. No longer are you restrained by legislation or the rules that a religious or humanist organisation impose.

Today, marks the start of a series of blogs looking at ceremonial ritual. Let's not get ahead of yourself, don't shy away from the word ritual, here we are using it to describe the act of creating a meaningful moment between you the couple, which is hared by your guests during your ceremony.

Today's ceremony is all about cocktails, or mocktails if you prefer to avoid alcohol.

The idea of using this ritual is primarily one of fun, closely followed by giving your ceremony some added interest, but actually behind this great ceremony, lies some wonderful symbolism.

When a couple comes together, they become so much more than 'they'. Families are combined, futures becomes mingled, couple friendships made, joint memories are made. Whilst you will always be individuals, your lives will always be a part of each other. And this is why the unity ceremonies that involve the mingling of 'parts' are so symbolic.

The cocktail ingredients can be chosen for various reasons. Maybe you have a favourite cocktail which you love. Then we can take a look at the ingredients and use the symbolism of those, for instance, Lets look at one of my favourite cocktails, the Mai Tai. The white and dark rum can symbolism strength, and clarity, the lightness and darkness, the ups and downs of life. It reminds me of my favourite holiday in Vegas. Lime juice symbolises that bitter sweetness that can be part of life, and is one of my favourite colours! The sugar syrup? well everyone needs the sweetness in life, The orange, that ripens in the sun, the sweet freshness. And when all these are mixed together the drink is divine! So much more than any of the single ingredients!

SO what is your favourite cocktail? Or would you make a cocktail specially for your ceremony? Would you share a taste with your guests? serve it at your reception or cocktail hour? Or would you sip it together watching the sun go down after your elopement ceremony?

Like I said, the choice is yours, your ceremony is the time where you commit to your partner in the way of your choosing, whether that ceremony takes place in your garden at home, a local barn or wedding venue or a luxury hotel. The most important thing is that when you look back you smile, and never lose the feeling of the love you felt in those moments.

If you would like to discuss having a cocktail or mocktail mixing ceremony during your wedding ceremony, why not give me a ring on 07526896097 or send a message here so we can arrange a mutually convenient time for a chat.

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