Tiara's  are a beautiful addition to any wedding day. However if you are after solid silver or gold  metal, or after Austrian crystal, we are not for you.
Our Tiara are not plastic props, however they fall into the category of costume bridal Jeweler. The same as you find in most Bridal or online bridal stores.  All of our tiaras, are white, gold or rose colour metal and just like any  costume jewelry will tarnish in  the coming years if not Kept away from  pollutants. Some people will advise you to pain your jewelry with clear nail polish. but this is not advised.  After your wedding day you may clean it gently with not abrasive soap, (do not submerge in water as the stones will loosen)  then store it in a dry place away from other metals. 
Costume Jewelry is a fantastic way to get 'the look' but not the price of fine jewelry.  We sell these as an additional product for the brides we carry out ceremonies for, but these are often used for proms and back tie events too.  If you are getting married, and have not thought about having a bespoke aspect to your ceremony, have a look at the celebrant section to see how we can help you with the most important part of your day.