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A Bespoke & Unique Ceremony

Life is full of ups and downs, and we sometimes want to leave an old stage of life behind and start afresh.
All the better to celebrate the start of your new life!
As with all ceremonies, it has to reflect you. This is about celebrating your story in a meaningful, heartfelt and memorable way.

Transition ceremonies celebrate growth and change

As we move through life we grow and change each day. Life's journey can be exciting and exhilarating and sometimes difficult and sad.  But as we move forward from one part of our life to another, rather than dwell on what has been and what is unchangeable, we can grow, learn and celebrate the wins.

One of our favourite ceremonies is the gender transition ceremony. Unlike many transitions, the gender transition ceremony does not celebrate the change from one stage of life to another, but the transition to what should be. We don't dwell on the past, we do not discuss the dead life / dead name. We focus on the beautiful future ahead. These ceremonies are often private, with only close family and friends present, which paves the way for a truly inclusive and holistic ceremony.

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Happy Friends

A Unique & Bespoke Celebration

As well as gender transition ceremonies, other popular ceremonies include post divorce / speration and post-illness ceremonies. 

When we go through difficult times in our lives such as serious illness or an unhappy relationship, we are often changed as individuals.  Life on the other side is often filled with new opportunities, a new zest for life, and numerous changes in direction.

What better time to celebrate your new start alongside your nearest and dearest?  Allow your support network to confirm their love for you, whilst you get to say thank you as you move into the next stage of your life.  

Thank you my love, this was the icing on the cake

Lois B. 

Package details

The transition Ceremony package is inclusive of all below

Telephone Meeting

To discuss your ceremony and know a bit more about yourself, your dreams, and wishes for your  Ceremony so everything is entirely tailored to your needs.


A comprehensive contract and booking information including a timetable to show you exactly what to expect and when.

Unity Ceremonies

Individuals often choose a
Unity Ceremony for an even more personal and unique little touch. There are lots of additions that can include your guests and add fun to your celebration! For this ceremony, the unity element is included in the fee.

Your Final Choices

I will contact you to ask you to choose and finalise your choices for readings, music and other elements that will make your ceremony lively & fun for all involved.

Ceremony Script

A beautifully written ceremony script that is created from scratch. Your ceremony represents you and the journey that has brought you to your special day.

Ceremony Run Through

A verbal run-through of your ceremony over the phone, 6 weeks before your ceremony, to ensure everything is just perfect.

Ceremony Presentation

The beautiful presentation of your ceremony by myself on your big day.
(see below for a step-by-step example)

Keepsake Ceremony Presentation

A keepsake copy of your ceremony in a presentation box, given the day of your ceremony.

Portrait of a Blonde Woman

Your Ceremony Step-By-Step


The ceremony often starts with a big welcome to family and friends and an explanation of why you are here.

Story Time

I will tell your story, the story that symbolizes hope, love, and where you are now. We don't look back with sadness or touch on painful moments. 

Readings, Music & Unity Ceremonies

 You can add music of your choosing or have someone play an instrument or sing.

 Have a special someone who has helped you on your journey? Maybe they will want to use this time to read you something that symbolizes how far you have come.
Individuals often choose a unity ceremony such as a tree planting to symbolize growth, change, and new life.  There are lots of additions that can also include your guests.


In transition ceremonies, it is wonderful when your friends and close family get to confirm their support for you in your ongoing journey.

Group promises of ongoing support, fit here beautifully. 

Name & Introductions

If you have changed your name or given up an old name, we introduce you to your loved ones by your new name. We don't discuss dead names at all. 

Ready to take
the next step?

I would love to chat to you more about how I can bring your dreams to reality.
Please contact me so we can arrange a convenient time to chat.
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Fees Information

Research & Script Writing

All my Ceremonies require approximately 20+ hrs to research and write. Scripts for Unity Ceremonies are all written from scratch to fit in with your theme and take  further 1-2 hrs including research.

Instruction & Guidance

All of my ceremonies include a copy of the ceremony and 'stage direction' for your wedding planner, videographer  and photographer if using them, so they know the running order of the ceremony.

Free Of Charge

Our initial meeting of up to an hour is free of charge. We can meet face to face or by zoom/Skype depending on distance and preferences. Following this meeting, I will hold your potential date for five working days without a holding fee.

Please see Terms & Conditions for all other necessary information, or contact me directly.