Candle Ceremony | Ceremony of Light

Candle Ceremony | Ceremony of Light

The candle Ceremony represents light from multiple sources becoming one.

 If you want to stick to tradition,  two individual taper candles  lit by parents or mothers at the start or before the ceremony begins and then  the bride and groom light a single candle together during the ceremony, using the two taper candles. However, if you want quirky or unusual, lets sit down and work out a way to for a candle ceremony into the ambience of your special day. Nothing has to be predictable to be beautiful.

The candle could also be jointly lit by children of a blended family, friends and family of an individual who is going through a period of transition.

Another beautiful idea for an intimate celebration, is to have the person or a photo of a deceased person surrounded by lanterns, each lit by a loved one, surrounding that person in love and light. This is great for an outside evening celebration

 The idea of everyone being encompassed in light, or two or more flames  becoming one is a beautiful idea.

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