Wishing Tree Ceremony

Wishing Tree Ceremony

Wishing trees  possibly originating in the Netherlands, have long been used within ceremonies as a way for guests and well wishers to leave messages for a couple of family during a wedding, often replacing a guest book..

The wishing tree can also be used within a unity ceremony.
For small weddings/ vow renewals, baby naming and Celebration of life ceremonies, this is a wonderful time to offer an inclusive and emotional role for your guests. 

Each guest would be asked to write a short message prior to the ceremony, each then in turn would be invited to come forward and read their message before fastening it to the wish tree.  

The wish tree can then be transferred to the reception hall with a supply of tags and pens so that all of the rest of the guests can continue to  leave their good wishes. 

Eventually all of these tags are collected and kept as a memento of the special day.

The wishing Tree Ceremony is worded and personalised for the couple and often includes a poem such as:

The Wedding Wish Tree Poem - Author unknown

Here stands our Wedding Wish Tree

Though it looks a little bare

But it would look so pretty

With the thoughts you want to share

So you've picked up the pen and written

A thought, a joke, a quote

Now tie it to the branches

And watch your wishes float

And when this day is over

We can’t wait to have a look

We will keep the little labels

In our Wedding Wish Tree Book

And in the years that follow

We’ll remember on this day

All your thoughts and words so kind

And in our hearts you’ll stay

There are some beautiful examples of trees available such as these  in the North East & Cumbria areas  for hire or purchase for your special day.  For those of my clients  not in The North East,  others are available nationally. Or I can source these for you.

If you have any further queries don't hesitate to call or email me here.

All unity ceremonies are charged at £50 plus costs for keepsakes