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Celebrate Life!

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My life celebrations are not funerals.

In recent times, there has been a swing toward direct funerals and also living wakes.

A funeral is for those left behind, an important part of grief for many to say good bye. But so many people feel the need to either celebrate the life of their loved ones who has gone, or celebrate their own life, giving thanks to those who have been therefore them before they pass on. This will often happen when a person has been given a terminal diagnosis.

Whatever the reason for celebrating a life, whether that is your own life, or that of  a loved one who chose not to have a funeral, or even if at the time of loss you were not ready to remember with fondness due to the  raw grief you are feeling at that time.. 


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How to celebrate a life!


Celebration of life and living wakes are two different celebrations

Living Wakes: I meet with you to discuss your requirements, I will speak with your family, close friends, and anyone who  you would like to be involved. A living wake does not have to be sad, though inevitably their are some tears. Death is final, but it is as much a part of life as birth or any other rights of passage.  The ceremony can look exactly as you wish, we can ask  family and friends to bring memories to share,  we will laugh a lot, and we can play your favourite music. Living wakes can take place anywhere, in your home, in a hospice , or in a pub.

A celebration of life often takes place either after a direct cremation, or even sometimes after death. It can also take place for a person who has lived  and been buried or cremated abroad.

As above the ceremony can look as you wish it to. The difference is that it is the neatest and dearest who share their wish for the ceremony. 

Both ceremonies afford the opportunity to honour the beauty of life, and to remember the good times as a person leaves this world for their next journey , whatever you believe that to be. 

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