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AI representation of elizabeth Anne celebrant as a fairy.

Fairy Ceremonies!

Fun | Fun | Fun

I love fairies!

It is part of who I am, I love legends, folk lore and mythology.

If you are reading this there is a possibility that you too love the Fae folk, and enjoy the immersion into the fairy realm. 

So, how does this work with weddings, naming's and other ceremonies? The direct answer, is how would you like it to work for you?

Some couples want a full on themed ceremony where everyone including the celebrant and other vendors dress up, and this is fabulous, other couples prefer to take elements of their interest and incorporate the  elements into vows, readings for example.

The prices for these ceremonies are the same for other ceremonies. The only exception is if you require the celebrant to wear a certain outfit which will need to be either provided or paid for by yourselves. I do however  have a variety of far ware that i use for festivals and for fun. 



Festival Ceremonies

3 wishes festival

For many the festival offers a beautiful and memorable time for the whole family. Festivals and fairies are the perfect mix for many.

3 Wishes is a leading fairy festival set in the beautiful and magical Cornwall. where lovers all thing fairy and the   alt lifestyle, come together for a fun packed three days of fairy fun. 

But did you know, that you can also have a fun filled ceremony whilst at the festival?

Find details below of the various  ceremonies, what they entail and how much it costs. 

Hand Tying : Suitable for those who might be getting engaged at the festival or have recently got engaged. This ceremony is also perfect for renewal of vows for our Fae folk who have  been married a while and wish to celebrate a renewal amongst fairy friends. 

In this simple ceremony, you get to choose the colours of ribbons whose symbolism resonate with you, the celebrant will then take you through promises for engaged couples and newly married couples, and re promises for those who are having a renewal. You will get a commemorative certificate, a special fairy gift and will have the opportunity to purchase a tiara to take a away with you. 

Naming ceremony: Have you recently had a baby? would you like a naming ceremony at the festival? I have created a simple version of  a naming ceremony which is fairy themed where you can welcome into the world and the fairy community your child.   You can choose guide  parents to guide  / care for your child when you are absent and to help you  with parenting duties on a daily basis (after all, it takes a community to raise a child). You will receive a commemorative certificate and a special gift to remember this beautiful occasion. 

Fairy Naming ceremony: This just for fun short ceremony for children allows your child to adopt a fairy name along with fairy naming certificate and a brand new fairy wand, your child will be presented with a naming badge to proudly show the new fairy status.  Your child will be asked whether they promise to try to be good, and to make good wishes to help others. This little ceremony can have multiple children, but it is generally capped at five at a time due to space the ceremony space. 

Friendship ceremony: For teens and adults! This beautiful little ceremony, asks that the individuals make promises to each other to be their for their friends, to support and love their friend, and to be with them in times of fun, and also in difficult times.  A certificate of commemoration is given for all  taking part. 

Other ceremonies can be carried out, some of the most popular are  freedom ceremonies for those who have newly separated from previous attachments. Coming out ceremonies for those within the LGBT community who  have come out as openly gay. 

Due to the nature of the Festival community is everything, we actively encourage onlookers to cheer and to wish you well.  I am a fully qualified and experienced celebrant, who carried full insurance. I carry out full ceremonies as you can see within the other pages of this site. However, due to the nature of festivals, festival ceremonies are shorter and less detailed. 

Bookings will be taken in advance, so that some personalisation of certificates and the ceremony can take place. However there may be an opportunity for drop in's. 

A celebrant book with fairylights draped around.

Bookings are taken  either by direct banking or  can be taken by credit or debit card.  You will be given a time slot and will come to the ceremony space at your given time.  You are encouraged to pop over to the ceremony space  before your ceremony, so we can make sure everything is in order.

Ceremonies are on a first come first serve basis and are limited due to time constraints. 

Fees: Hand tying / Naming ceremonies last approximately 30 minutes. included in the price is a choice of up to 5 ribbon colours of your choice. Printed white ribbon  can be ordered in advance and printed with  your names, the occasion and date. This is chargeable at £1.50 a metre and you will need 2m if using it in your hand tying ceremony. You will also have the opportunity to purchase one of a variety of crystal / metal  tiaras (these are not toys) for £15.00 each, these are subject to availability on the days of the festival.  The prices for the ceremony including basic ribbon, presentation, certificate and a gift is £60.

Fairy Naming ceremonies - Include a wand, and for pre booked fairy naming a personalised  certificate and naming badge.  This is a beautiful ceremony where an appropriate fairy name is allocated and your child, gets to make fairy promises, before doing a little wish ceremony and ringing the fairy bell. Ceremonies are charged per child, at £15 per child, for a 3rd, 4th and 5th child included in the same ceremony , the cost is £12.50.  There is a maximum of five children included in the same ceremony due to space restrictions.


 Friend ship ceremonies  are charged  at £15 per adult for up to three friends.  (please speak if you are a larger group.) The ceremony lasts approximately, this is a fabulous ceremony which celebrates the love and support given by friends  and the opportunity to make promises looked on by the Fae community. Includes. a complementary certificate and a surprise gift is given to all individuals taking part. 

Other ceremonies will be priced on asking as these will be written for your specific  needs. 

As an extra special festival offer and to allow as many people as possible to take part- there is a 10% discount of all ceremonies booked before May 2023

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