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Your perfect 



Elizabeth with bride and groom at an autumn wedding.

The Big day!

Creative, Fun, Loving, Caring and Inclusive.

Congratulations On Your Engagement!

​This is such an exciting time for you both. Whatever your timeline, it is so important to enjoy the journey.

So, you have a wedding to plan? A task that can be daunting. But one piece of advice I give all my couples : "This day is about you, Enjoy the journey!"


Table Decoration in the Wedding Hall

Why Choose An Independent Celebrant?


I specialise in weddings and in making your ceremony unique. It should always tell your Love Story.

Wherever you wish to get wed, you can make it happen with me as your celebrant : in a garden, a hotel or somewhere that is uniquely special to you. With a celebrant led wedding you get your choice of poems and readings, songs or hymns. We can add in traditional or spiritual unity elements. Whatever you choose to enhance your day.
Together we will create the most beautiful and memorable ceremony for you!

Decorated Dinner Table

The day you wish for

However that looks

Based on your Love story


Your wedding ceremony is based on your
Love Story, and about how you got to the most important day of your life. As a celebrant, I laugh a lot and don't live by the rules, I make new rules that fit around you and your ceremony needs.
Isn't that why you are here? 
Your ceremony is the heart of your wedding day and should be a joyous occasion, safe in my hands.

You will never go to another wedding like yours because it is tailored for the two of you alone. All of my ceremonies are bespoke, written for my unique couples from scratch. I use information from the comprehensive questionnaires you are asked to complete, from our conversations, and from my own research. I do not cut corners on the ceremony by reusing past ceremonies, everything is written especially for you.


There are no average wedding ceremonies, some people opt for super simple, others are all about extravaganza.

I do not conduct gay weddings! I conduct weddings! Your sexuality is part of you,  and  you are part of your ceremony, as a queer woman, I do not pretend that your wedding is something strange or odd to get your custom. I treat all my couples like I like to be treated myself, with love, respect and understanding. 

I do however understand that to even get to the point of a wedding, many gay couples have undergone trials that few outside of the community can ever understand. All I can promise, is that I have your back. 

I am inclusive regardless  of gender, sexuality or physical ability. 

I am very upfront and will ask you what you want for your ceremony, some of my gay couples want their sexuality and the community mentioning, some do not, some of my disabled couples  sit for the whole of the ceremony and have me work the whole ceremony around their physical abilities. 

It's fine! You are you, and we do things the way you want to!

Table Centerpiece
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