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I love Vow renewals

Whatever your reason for renewing your vows, your day needs to be perfect! I always get terribly excited talking to couples about their vow renewal. Couples have so many more stories, more history for me to work with when I am creating your ceremony.

But why?

Because marriage takes hard work and dedication, hard work which should be rewarded!

Your ceremony can take place anywhere at any time. As long as you have permission to use the venue, we can create the most memorable and beautiful ceremony for you.
With a vow renewal you can have exactly the same elements as a wedding, or change it up totally!


Some of the reasons people decide to renew vows are:

~ a milestone anniversary

~ following a period of ill health

~ following a wobble in the marriage
~ Or maybe you didn't get the wedding of your dreams the first time and are now in a position to afford the bells and whistles you missed out on!
Whichever your reason I would love to create a unique and romantic ceremony with you.


Pink Theme Bouquet

A wonderful way to say


Vow renewals can be as intimate or extravagant as you please, many of my vow renewals take place  in small venues such as restaurants, my couples gardens and in community halls.

There are no legalities to worry about, and  if you have children, nieces and nephews or grandchildren, there are lots of fun roles for them to do. If you have a friendship group, its a great way to involve your mature friends and  have a group of mature bridesmaids. 

Again there is no right or wrong, you want to celebrate your lives together, you want to reaffirm your wedding vows, therefore  whatever you wish to do, and however you wish to do this is  the way which we will proceed! 

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