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Simple doesn't mean dull!

Creative, Fun, Loving, Caring and Inclusive.

This is your day...

After carrying out some market research, it has become very obvious that my lovely couples sometimes want something other than what I have previously offered.

A simple ceremony, but one in a place where a registrar cannot attend to complete the legal paperwork. 


A couple wants a simple ceremony, in their garden, a barn, a park, or even the local pub, anywhere that doesn't hold a license for legal marriage.

They want to make simple promises, exchange rings and want some simple words on love and marriage. 

They are happy to complete the legal paperwork either before or after the celebrant ceremony.

Currently, I write ceremonies that are totally personal to the couple, see here,  a ceremony that talks about their story and allows as much or as little personalisation as is wanted. |But for some couples, this is just too much. And as a celebrant, my job is to allow you to have your wishes. 

So I'm now going to offer an out-of-the-box ceremony. 



Out of the box?


If you do not want all the bells and whistles, you can have simplicity, however, please note what is involved, this is a simple ceremony, and if you wish to personalise the ceremony, or change the out-of-the-box content (other than your/ family names), you will have to upgrade to a regular wedding package.

Simple ceremony contains:

The celebrant presence at your venue of choice, and a beautiful delivery of the ceremony.

A one-hour window for the ceremony.

A free call/video chat with me to ensure that we are covering your needs.

A choice from ten pre-written simple ceremonies. 

A choice out of five sets of simple promises.

A choice out of five ring exchange words.

A simple ceremonial certificate in choice of colour.

Unlike general T&C's Travel with be free within 10 miles from NP10, and then 50p for every mile thereafter. I do not travel more than 25 miles for a simple ceremony.

Fee: £300

Why is this so inexpensive compared to general wedding fees?

Simply because it is not personalised, I do not send you a questionnaire, and the ceremony will encompass your wishes chosen from a selection of pre-written ceremonies and promises.

There are no additional rituals, no ring warming, hand-tying etc., no readings/poetry.

My expertise and experience, my professionalism, my initial training, Public liability insurance and the ongoing training and courses carried out by accredited wedding association providers remain the same as with all my ceremonies.

Who is this for?

Perfect for those wanting a no-fuss, but still beautiful ceremony in an alternative venue or one where a registrar cannot be present.

The ceremony like ALL celebrant ceremonies is not yet legal in the UK. This is a ceremonial event to share your beautiful wedding with friends and family. If any celebrant ever tells you that their UK ceremony is legal. Please be sceptical.

Please see the additional terms and conditions for this ceremony below. These are in addition to general T&Cs.


Please note these are additional to T&C here where necessary overriding those terms concerning payment, booking fee and deadlines. please read the full terms and conditions in addition to below.

1. Simple Ceremony payment is required upfront and on booking. Your fee includes the use of the written components for your ceremony with complementary delivery of your ceremony. You have 14 days to cancel your ceremony following booking, at which time, all fees will be returned in full within 14 days. 

After 14 days- no payment is refunded, however, if you choose to cancel after this time,  for whatever reason, no fees will be returned, however a copy of your purchased and chosen ceremony will be sent to you in full on request. Any travel fees will be refunded in full as travel has not taken place.


2. On the 15th day following booking, you will be sent a selection of ceremonies, promises and colour preferences for a certificate if required.  

You will make your choices at any point up until 8 weeks before the ceremony. At this point, your choices are confirmed and will be printed for delivery on your special day. You will also be  asked to provide full venue details,  details of the photographer/videographer, the numbers included in the bridal party, and music (this will be prepared and provided by yourselves, but required to ensure a seamless ceremony.)

3. The ceremony remains copyrighted and full rights remain with Elizabeth-Anne Celebrant, if you choose to cancel your ceremony, you will receive a copy, however, this can not be published, sold or given away to another person. It is for your own use as a keepsake only.

4. If for any reason the celebrant Elizabeth-Anne cannot make the ceremony due to unforeseen circumstances, Every effort will be made to find a suitable replacement celebrant who will deliver the ceremony on behalf of Elizabeth-Anne. 


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