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Incorporating Meaningful Rituals into Your Wedding Ceremony

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Wedding ceremonies are a time-honoured tradition that bring families and friends together to celebrate the union of two people in love. One way to add a special touch to your wedding ceremony is to incorporate ceremonial rituals.

These rituals can be meaningful, symbolic, and a great way to involve family members and friends in the ceremony.

One popular ritual is a unity candle ceremony. This ceremony involves lighting two separate candles, one for the bride and one for the groom, and then using those two flames to light a larger unity candle.

Candle unity ceremony

This symbolizes the joining of two lives into one. The purity of a new start. This ritual can be performed by the couple or by a family member or friend.

Another popular ritual is a hand-tying ceremony. This ritual involves the couple having their hands tied together with ribbon or cord, symbolizing their commitment to each other and their union.

This ritual can be performed by a family member or friend, or by a religious or spiritual leader.

A sand ceremony is another popular ritual. This ceremony involves the couple each pouring a different coloured sand into a vase or jar, symbolizing the blending of their lives. The ceremony is often performed by the couple and can be done with or without family members or friends.

A wine ceremony is a beautiful ritual that symbolizes the blending of the couple's lives. Similar to a sand ceremony, the couple will take turns pouring different coloured wines

into a single glass, symbolizing their union. The ceremony can be performed by the couple or by a family member or friend.

The symbolism is present not only in the blend, but within the grape, and the way it is matured. A fun and really unconventional version of this ceremony is a shot ceremony. A way to start the party of with a bang.

A tree planting ceremony is a great way to symbolize the growth of the couple's love. The couple will plant a tree together, symbolizing the growth of their love and their commitment to each other. This ritual can be performed by the couple or by a family member or friend.

Another lovely ritual is the rose ceremony, in which the couple exchange roses with each other, symbolizing their love, commitment and the beauty of their union.

If you want to incorporate your cultural heritage into your wedding ceremony, you can consider a Welsh Cake ritual, in which the couple shares a traditional Welsh cake with their guests, symbolizing the sharing of the couple's love and their new life together.

A welsh cake might seem a strange thing to ritualise, but remember within ceremony, everything is all about symbolism. Welsh Cakes are made of sugar and spice, which by nature are components of every loving marriage.

The last ritual I am going to talk about is the warming of the wedding bands. One of the most beautiful ceremonies , only made more beautiful by it's simplicity and the involvement of friends and family. The ring is passed around the family and friends in a small protective bag or box.

As each person holds the rings for a moment, they offer their love, positive intentions and good wishes. The idea that the metal of the rings absorbs all this positive energy that will move forward with the couple as they move through life.

Incorporating ceremonial rituals into your wedding ceremony can add a special touch and make your wedding day even more meaningful. The rituals can be simple or elaborate, and can be performed by the couple or by family members or friends. The above list is not exhaustive, the best unity ceremonies are made from scratch with the ideas of couple and celebrant.

There are a number of unity ceremonies that have their history based in cultural, religious or family traditions. Some rituals in the past have been used for sad occasions, Jumping the broom' springs to mind, but other cultures have used these traditions at many stages within history.

It is so important when choosing a ceremony, that you are not using the ceremony for the wrong reason. A unity ceremony/ tradition for instance that is only seen at the wedding of a certain culture would not be appropriate for use unless the couple has ties to that tradition. A good celebrant will always ask you why, you want a certain ritual and if necessary, may guide you towards something else, or help you to create a new ritual. Cultural appropriation is not Ok, however, if you have ties to a ritual, or you are honouring guests or family members then some rituals can be used as a form of cultural appreciation.

Whichever ritual you choose, it is sure to add a special touch to your wedding ceremony and be a cherished memory for years to come.

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